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      Why can't I see any app in WeChat Workplace?

      1. Basic apps do not automatically display in WeChat Workplace. (Members who did not log in to WeChat Work over the past 15 days will be notified of messages from basic apps pushed via “Company Message Notification” in WeChat Workplace);
      2. If the admin has set the allowed users of app for some apps, any member who is not one of the allowed users of the app will not see the app in WeChat Workplace;
      3. If you have followed more than 1,000 official accounts and enterprise accounts, you may not follow some other apps. You can unfollow some official accounts that are not used, and follow enterprise accounts again;
      4. Confirm whether you have disabled the app. (Go to “Plug-ins” -> “Disabled Apps” in the upper right corner -> “Enable”);
      5. Confirm the path to the app. If you open the app from the message page, only apps that have sent messages are displayed. All apps are displayed by checking them from Contacts;\nIf you have tried all the methods above and still cannot see the app, unfollow WeChat Workplace and then follow it again.