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      How do I use Receive Money from External App?

      I. Enable Company Pay first Click to view
      II. Enable “Receive Money from External” (WeChat Receipt Business Version)

      1. Application. Log in to “WeChat Work admin console” -> “Company Pay” -> “Receive Money from External” -> “WeChat Pay merchant platform” -> “WeChat Receipt Business Version” to apply for this feature.

      2. Signing. Read the agreement, check the “Confirmation Letter to Use the WeChat Pay ‘WeChat Receipt Business Version’ Feature”, and then click “Confirm Signing”. Set admin on the WeChat Receipt Business Version page.

      3. Settings.
        1) You can set admin for WeChat Receipt Business Version in “Product Center” -> “WeChat Receipt Business Version” -> “Set Admin”. Admin can enter the WeChat Receipt Business Version admin page from WeChat Work app -> “Workplace” to view receipt list and receipt summary, and manage sales clerks, receipt codes and other features in the app.
        2) Admin can manage store clerks and receipt code in WeChat Work app. Store clerks can view the list and summary of payment receipts in WeChat Work app.4. Download. On the “WeChat Receipt Business Version” page or in WeChat Work app -> “Receive Money from External” -> “Store Details”, QR code can be saved for receiving payment.
        The operation steps of the consumer are as follows:
        The merchant will receive a receipt notification as follows: