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      What is app admin? How to set an app admin?

      1. What is app admin?
        You can configure app admins for user-developed apps and third-party apps in WeChat Work. App admins have permissions for sending broadcast messages and receiving user messages using their apps. (An announcement admin can also be set with permission for sending announcements)
        An app admin is not a WeChat Work admin, who cannot log in to the WeChat Work Admin Console, but can only send broadcast messages and receive user messages using his/her app in WeChat Work for mobile and PC.
      2. How to set an app admin?
        (1) Log in to the “WeChat Work Admin Console” -> “Apps & Mini Programs” -> “app details” -> “app admin”, and click “Settings”.
        (2) Add app admin rules to configure members to send and receive messages.
        App admins with the same permission rule share Asset Library and records of messages sent by their apps.