Private product capabilities

  • Flexible deployment
  • High Security
Less dependence on the environment, easy to operate, expand, and upgrade

1. Mainstream hardware servers and platforms are supported;

2. It can be deployed independently without other cloud infrastructure and third party product.

3. Ability to deploy quickly and scale vertically and horizontally

4. Single- or multi-cluster deployment is supported; It can also be deployed across multiple data centers.

5. Automatic operation and maintenance, monitoring, alarm and fault self-recovery abilities. You can also do the upgrades at your discretion.

Applicable to complicated network environments, meeting cross-network security requirements

1. It can be deployed in internal network, and available in VPN networks;

2. It can be deployed across multiple secure domain network to be connected and used in different domain networks.

3. It supports multiple network security devices such as GAP and FGAP as well as network security tunnels;

4. It supports multi-network penetration and deployment, and meets the standards of data communication security;

5. Safe access to internal apps via mobile device.

Integrate with the current IT infrastructures

1. You can connect the existing account system with multiple methods such as AD, HTTP and third-party apps;

2. Can connect existing SMS and mail gateway.

3. Connect HR system to sync on/off boarding information

4. Connect to mailbox for real-time notifications.

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