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Government and companies work together to achieve G2B2C collaborative taxation management

1. One set of back-end apps enables data sharing across WeChat, Government WeChat and WeCom.

2. It enables a seamless collaboration among taxation admin, third-party taxation provider, company and natural person.

3. Streamline the development and management of back end apps and provide a universal access by connecting via WeChat Official Accounts, Mini Programs and lightweight apps from WeCom, enabling mobile working at anytime, anywhere.

Mobile tax service, building a one-stop company taxation platform

1. Create a one-stop lightweight app for tax business in WeCom, which enables doing taxes via mobile, reducing costs and improving efficiency.

2. With WeCom’s capability of identity verification, you can require employees to bind their accounts with their legal names, thus creating a trustful and manageable mobile environment for business.

3. Leverage the intercommunication and connection capability between WeCom and Government WeCom to enable the collaboration between companies and the taxation bureau for a better service experience.

The invoice feature achieves full automatic circulation of invoice reimbursement

1. Enable a seamless flow from invoice request, invoice issue to reimbursement.

2. WeCom enables a safe and efficient automatic circulation of invoice information.

3. Mobile invoicing significantly improves user experience and working efficiency with a much lower cost.

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