New features of V3.0.20

I.Optimized productivity tools

1.【WeDoc】You can insert various WeDoc and WeDrive files in WeDoc to organize files centrally and improve content management efficiency.

2.【Event】You can check the participants' status (idle/busy) when creating a new event to know their availability and arrange the event reasonably.Attachments can be added to Event so that participants can share materials.

3.【Meeting】You can upload meeting-related materials as attachment. The meeting minutes can also be added during the meeting, and will be automatically saved to the meeting attachment after the meeting, making it easy for participants to view.

4.【WeDrive】You can share folder via links.

5.【Live Video】A maximum of 8 viewers can start joint streaming at the same time in a live video for more efficient interaction.

II.More OA features

1.【Approvals】You can filter the approval list by approval type, approval status, applicant and submission date in order to easily find and manage approval applications.

2.【Approvals】Multiple applications can be approved in batches, making approval process more efficient.

3.【Report】The duration, member, department, and description controls are added in Reports. You can customize your report as needed.

III.Additional optimization

1.Change Linked WeChat Account: You can change the linked WeChat account (the verified identity must match that on WeChat Work) for easy use and management.

2.When you enable this feature in Settings -> General, all voice messages will be automatically converted to texts for efficient processing of voice messages.

3.When forwarding messages to a chat, you can preview the chat messages, and then send it after confirmation.