WeCom Account Usage Rules

1. Principles

1.1 The WeCom Account Usage Rules (hereinafter referred to as "the Rules") are drafted by Tencent pursuant to current laws and regulations, Tencent Service Agreement, Tencent WeCom Software License and Service Agreement and any other applicable provisions in order to maintain a safe online environment for the WeCom platform and better safeguard the users' legal rights and positive experience.

1.2 WeCom users must not break the current laws and regulations and the rules in the user agreements including but not limited to the Rules when registering, certifying and using their WeCom accounts and relevant services thereof. Tencent will process any violations pursuant to the applicable laws and regulations and the rules provided in the user agreements. Tencent will cooperate with any governmental agency in order to maintain the legal rights of the users and other entities when resolving such violations.

2. Scope

Unless otherwise specified, the Rules shall apply to the Company User Admin and the Individual User, hereinafter collectively referred to as "You" or "User". "Company User Admin" means an individual designated by the Company User, who has the permission to operate the admin console for company users, and the Company User Admin may be one or more persons, hereinafter referred to as "Admin"; "Individual User" means the individual user who is invited by the Company User to join in the company platform and registers to use the WeCom, hereinafter referred to as "WeCom End User" or "End User".

3. Code of Conduct for the User and Content Rules

3.1 Software Usage Specifications

3.1.1 Acquisition of the Software

The User may obtain the Software directly on Tencent's official website or from a third party authorized by Tencent. If the User obtains the Software or an installer with the name of the Software from any third party without the authorization by Tencent, Tencent cannot guarantee the normal use of the Software and will therefore assume no responsibility for any loss caused thereby to the User.

3.1.2 The User may not engage in any of the following acts in the course of his/her use of the Software except as permitted by law or by Tencent's written permission: Delete the copyright information on the Software and its copies; Reverse engineer, disassemble, decompile the Software or otherwise attempt to discover the source code of the Software; Use, lease, lend, copy, modify, link, reproduce, assemble, release, publish or establish a mirror image website of the contents in which Tencent has intellectual property rights; Copy, modify, add, delete and mount the data stored in any terminal memory by the Software or during the operation of the Software, the interactive data between the client and the server during operation of the Software, and the system data necessary for the operation of the Software, or create any derivative works by using plug-ins, add-ons or third-party tools/services unauthorized by Tencent to access to the Software and related systems; Add, delete or change the features or operating effects of the Software by modifying or falsifying the directives and data of the Software, or operate or make public the software and methods used for the above purposes, whether or not such acts are for commercial purposes; Log in to or use Tencent Software and Services through third-party software, plug-ins, add-ons or systems that are not developed or authorized by Tencent, or produce, publish or spread such tools; Interfere with, or authorize others or third-party software to interfere with, the Software and its components, modules and data; and Take other acts not expressly authorized by Tencent.

3.2 Registration and Usage Code of Conduct:
3.2.1 The User shall not engage in the malicious registration or use of WeCom accounts, such as frequently registering or batch registering

WeCom accounts, abusing multiple WeCom accounts, or engaging in the purchase and sale of WeCom accounts and their corresponding features.

3.2.2 The User shall neither use multiple account entities nor control multiple WeCom accounts to commit crimes or violations against the Rules, nor make any attempt to interfere with the product operation or maliciously bypass or break Tencent rules.

3.2.3 The User shall ensure that there is no illegal or bad information in his/her registration account name, profile photo and profile, and shall neither impersonate another party, nor use the name or portrait of another party without authorization, nor infringe on the legal rights of others, including but not limited to trademark right, right to reputation and right to portrait.

3.3 Access Code of Conduct:
Tencent is entitled to independently detect, judge, and take any necessary action against any unusual access to protect user account security. For example, to protect user account security, Tencent will restrict access for accounts which have not logged in for an extended period, or have not logged in since registration and the User must re-activate his/her account before he/she can continue using it normally. Activation methods include, but are not limited to, SMS verification.

3.4 Content Specifications

No user shall, during use of WeCom, send content that is illegal and offending, including but not limited to:

3.4.1 Content that Infringes Sending or spreading content that infringes upon the intellectual property rights of others, such as sending or spreading content that infringes upon on their copyrights, trademark rights, or patent rights; Unauthorized posting of private personal information belonging to others, such as their ID card number, contact information, home address, WeChat ID, or photo, which infringes upon their right to portrait, right to privacy, and other legal rights; Public defamation of others by falsification, damaging their reputation or honor through insults or slander, and infringing upon their right to reputation, right to honor, and other legal rights; Unauthorized posting of a company's trade secrets, infringing upon their legal rights; Engaging in other acts that infringe upon the legal rights of others.

3.4.2 Lewd Content and Content That May Be Considered Lewd Sending or sharing pornographic content, including but not limited to content related to soliciting prostitution, seeking one night stands, and seeking sex partners; Sending or sharing content including, but not limited to erotic texts, videos, photographs and cartoons; Sending or sharing content and information that may be considered lewd or show sexually suggestive.

3.4.3 Violent and Illegal Content Sending or sharing content that may make others uncomfortable including content concerning self-abuse, self-mutilation, suicide, murder, maiming, shooting, stabbing, and the torture of humans or animals; Sending or sharing content that may persuade others to engage in self-abuse or self-mutilation, commit suicide, or content that encourages others to commit crimes; Sending or sharing content concerning violence or abuse against minors; Sending or sharing content or photographs depicting the consumption or injection of narcotics, or other prohibited drugs, that may make others unconformable; Sending or sharing content concerning the sale of imitation firearms, bows and arrows, restricted knives, air guns, and other lethal weapons; Sending or sharing content depicting actual weapons for purpose of encouraging the illegal or improper use thereof.

3.4.4 Gambling Content Sending or sharing gambling-related invitations, or other content related to gambling with the intention of inviting, coercing, or encouraging others to gamble; Sharing gambling-related content concerning the sale of gambling equipment, the explanation of gambling rules and methods, and the teaching of gambling techniques, approaches, and methods.

3.4.5 Content that Endangers WeCom Security Sending or sharing phishing sites and other such content that deceives the users and causes them to suffer losses; Sending or sharing viruses, files, or computer code or programs that may damage or interrupt WeCom's normal operation.

3.4.6 Content Related to Organized Crime and Terrorism

Sending or sharing content representative of organized crime, such as getting revenge for or collecting debts on behalf of others; content concerning the recruitment and encouragement of others to engage in terrorism and other violent acts; and content that may cause social disorder, such as content concerning gang formation and the recruitment of gang members.

3.4.7 Content Concerning Contraband Sending or sharing content including but not limited to that concerning invoice trading, counterfeit cigarettes, counterfeit money, stolen goods, smuggled goods, wildlife products such as ivory or tiger bones, narcotics, communications intercepting devices, arms, human organs, drugs, and state secrets; Sending or sharing content concerning illegal stamp carving and the illegal processing of documents including but not limited to ID cards, passports, Exit-Entry Permits for Traveling to and from Hong Kong and Macao, marriage certificates, household registers, and academic certificates; Sending or sharing content concerning illegal or non-compliant applications for credit cards, credit card cash advances, provident fund and health insurance cards, and cloned mobile phone cards.

3.4.8 Fraudulent Information Fraudulent advertisement information relating to health foods, health products, drugs, adult products, and other counterfeit and inferior products that are clearly fake and exaggerated; Fraudulent information relating to pyramid schemes or other similar instances such as content concerning multi-level distribution or high rebates where the recruited persons will be grouped into different levels based on a certain sequence, and payment or rebate will directly or indirectly be made based on the number of persons an individual has recruited ; Fraudulent information posted for the purpose of acquiring personal information or data of another person. Such information is obtained by impersonating a relative or friend of an individual and requesting access to the individual's personal information for the purpose of organizing a specific activity; Any other fraudulent information posted for the purpose of fraudulently obtaining money or property, such as online earnings, prize winning information and paid chatting services.

3.4.9 False Information

False information, for the purpose of the Rules, refers to information that lacks a factual basis and is generated from fabrication or distortion of the facts and hiding of the truth, including but not limited to: False political information that is contrary to the basic rules and the socialist system as determined by the Constitution, endangers national unity, sovereignty, and territorial integrity, leaks state secrets, endangers national security, or damages national honor and interests; Sending or sharing illegal or offending information that distorts, uglifies, desecrates, negates, slanders, spoofs, or brings shame on the present or former national leaders, or heroes and martyrs; False information that incites national, regional, ethical, racial and inter-religion hatred, discrimination and misunderstanding, and weakens the community's morals; False information that disrupts social order, causes or may cause public panic; False information that advocates cults and feudal superstitions; False information relating to common sense for life and public topics; False information pertaining to Tencent, or information posted without official confirmation, disclosure or permission of Tencent; Posting false advertisements or other information that is against the Advertisement Law of the People's Republic of China; Other false information.

3.4.10 Share-prompting Content Content that maliciously prompts the End User and the external contacts to share certain information with a promise of gain ; Coercing or instigating the End User or the external contacts to share the content with exaggerated language or curses.

3.4.11 Other Illegal Content Posting or spreading content without obtaining a statutory permit or license, prior administrative permission, or meeting the requirements from a regulatory authority, including but not limited to, content relating to the advertising of drugs or medical devices, compensable advice on security or future investments, in violation of tobacco advertising regulations, or any other content that violates national law, administrative regulations, ministry regulations, local regulations, and other regulatory documents; Posting or disseminating content that violates Tencent's service agreements, platform agreements, and the feature agreements in any form, such as spam, harassment, content pertaining to the trading or leasing of WeCom accounts, trading or leasing of WeCom groups, and the acquisition or commercial use of relationship chains obtained from a user.

3.5 Special Specifications of Use for Admin

The WeCom user may upload and manage the contacts of organization members and invite organization members through the WeCom admin account, facilitating communication and interaction between internal members via WeCom. In addition, the WeCom user may add members, batch import/export contacts, set the department, delete the End User, and invite organization members from WeChat via WeCom Admin Console.

3.5.1 No WeCom admin account shall be registered: By impersonating another party; In the name of a company or organization without its authorization; By imitating another company or organization or use a name similar to its name, which may mislead others; With a user name that may infringe on the legal rights of another company or organization, including but not limited to suspected infringement on trademark right or right to name; With falsified supporting certificates or false information; For the purpose of engaging in illegal activities; In large number to maliciously cheat WeCom out of incentive Red Packets; For other malicious purposes.

3.5.2 When registering the WeCom, the company name used for registration purpose shall be in strict compliance with applicable laws and regulations without content and words that: Are prejudicial to national and social public interests; May deceive or cause misunderstanding among the public; Contain the name of a foreign country (region) or international organization without authorization; Contain the name of a political party, a party, political or military organ, a mass organization, or a social organization, or the designation of a troop; Are in Chinese Pinyin (other than those used in the foreign language name) or numbers; Are otherwise prohibited by the laws and administrative regulations.

3.5.3 Verification Rules

The WeCom user who applies for verification is required to comply with WeCom Verification Service Agreement and other corresponding verification requirements.

3.5.4 The admin shall take reasonable measures to protect the security of data collected from the company, the End User and the external contacts, and shall not: Collect or use the entity information and qualification documents of his/her company or organization as the WeCom verification information without or beyond its authorization; Collect, upload and manage the data of the End User, including but not limited to name, WeChat ID, QQ ID, mobile number, email address and date of birth, without his/her consent or without truthfully disclosing why, what and how data is to be collected and used to him/her; Collect the information about the End User that is not necessary in the disguise of achieving WeCom operations, features and purposes without authorization; Copy, store, use or transmit the data of the external contacts without their express consent, or without truthfully disclosing the data usage, scope of such usage, and other relevant information to them, which constitutes an infringement of their legal rights; Attempt to acquire the external contacts' personal information and privacy data in any way beyond the authorized scope by searching, tracking, linking, and data mining. Import the personal information of the End User into the company architecture without his/her consent, which causes harassment to such End User; Abuse the admin permission to push invitations to the same external contact repeatedly, which causes harassment to such external contact; Provide the third parties with the information and data collected without consent of the company or organization and the right holder; Abuse the admin permission to make public or disclose the personal information of the End User or the external contacts to others without their consent.

3.5.5 The admin shall carefully use the Service and perform the duties of admin within the scope of authorization of the company or organization, shall not abuse the admin permission, and shall be responsible for all the activities carried out under the admin permission, including but not limited to online purchase and activation of third-party services, launch of video conferences and addition of external contacts. The admin shall not abuse the admin permission to release or spread illegal content and bad information to the End User; The admin shall fully notify the WeCom End User of, and supervise his/her compliance with, the Rules and other user agreements; violation by the end user of the laws and regulations, the Rules and other user agreements, if found, shall be timely and effectively stopped; The admin account permission shall not be transferred, purchased, sold, leased or made available to other companies or organizations for use in any way. Otherwise, Tencent will be entitled to withdraw this account without notice and the admin shall be solely responsible for the losses arising therefrom, including clearing or loss of all the data or information generated from his/her use of this feature. The admin shall keep safe the ID, password and other security information of the WeCom account. If the admin account password or the account faces the potential risk of leakage or has been subject to unauthorized use or suffers any other security problems, the admin shall immediately notify Tencent of the same in writing. Unless otherwise provided in the laws, Tencent will not be responsible for any direct or indirect losses arising from the aforesaid circumstances; The admin shall not abuse the admin permission to send malicious marketing or harassment information to the End User or the external contacts, which constitutes harassment to them; The admin shall not utilize his/her admin permission to carry out or organize gambling in any form, including but not limited to organizing or soliciting others to enter the company for the purpose of group gambling, utilizing the admin permission to post or spread information about gambling, establishing gambling groups, and taking other illegal acts.

3.5.6 The admin shall not abuse the admin permission to infringe on the legal rights of the external contacts, and shall comply with the WeChat Account Usage Rules, in addition to the Rules, during communication with the external contacts via the Connect to WeChat feature of WeCom.

3.6 Special Specifications of Use for End User

3.6.1 The End User shall have full capacity for civil rights and capacity for acts appropriate to the civil acts that are taken when using WeCom services. It is important that the End User who does not have the aforesaid entity qualifications uses the Service under the guidance of his/her guardian.

3.6.2 The End User shall keep safe the ID, password, identity information and other information of the WeCom account and shall be responsible for all the activities carried out with the use of WeCom, including but not limited to receiving/sending Red Packets, sharing content, and adding external contacts.

3.6.3 If the password or account is subject to authorized use or suffers any other security problems, the End User shall immediately notify Tencent of the same and the End User agrees and acknowledges that unless otherwise provided in the laws, Tencent will not be responsible for any direct or indirect losses arising from the aforesaid circumstances.

3.6.4 The End User shall not gift, lend, rent, transfer, sell or otherwise permit others to use his/her account.

3.6.5 The End User shall not abuse the Interconnection feature to maliciously add external contacts, which constitutes harassment to them.

3.6.6 The End User shall not send malicious marketing or harassment information to other end users or the external contacts, which constitutes harassment to them.

3.6.7 The End User shall not utilize WeCom to gamble in any form, including but not limited to establishing gambling groups, joining in the gambling groups established by others and soliciting others to join in the gambling groups.

3.6.8 The End User shall comply with the WeChat Account Usage Rules, in addition to the Rules, during exchange with the external contacts via the Connect to WeChat feature of WeCom.

4. Payment Specifications

4.1 "Red Packet", for the purpose of the Rules, include WeChat Red Packet and WeCom Red Packet, the latter of which may only be used upon verification.

4.2 The user shall read and comply with WeChat Pay User Service Agreement, WeChat Pay Service Agreement, WeChat Pay Merchant Platform Use Agreement and the rules of other relevant platforms when using the Red Packet feature or the Company Pay feature.

4.3 The user shall follow all laws, regulations, and standards and shall neither illegally use the Red Packet feature or the Company Pay feature, nor use the Red Packet feature or the Company Pay feature to carry out gambling, illegally receive public deposits, raise funds in a fraudulent manner, conduct pyramid selling, commit or assist in any crimes, or carry out any other illegal activities when using the Red Packet feature or the Company Pay feature.

5. Relevant Responsibilities

If the User breaches the laws and regulations and the Rules, Tencent will be entitled to process relevant content or account (WeCom Service Admin Account and WeCom End User Account) without notice based on the severity of the breach, including but not limited to removing or shielding relevant content, withdrawing WeCom verification, limiting the account features, and temporarily or permanently blocking relevant account, and will be entitled to refuse to provide the account entity involved with WeCom services. When necessary, Tencent will cooperate with the competent department to investigate into the legal responsibilities of the law breaker.

6. Disclaimer

All users clearly understand and agree that:

6.1 WeCom permits third-party apps to access the platform, and you may use the third-party app services activated by your company or organization on the WeCom platform. You understand and agree that relevant apps are independently provided by this third party, and unless otherwise provided in the laws and the Agreement, Tencent will neither give any warranty to this third party, nor bear any responsibility for your use of such apps. You understand and agree that if Tencent adjusts, suspends or terminates the cooperation with the third-party app provider, causing impact on the services provided by the third-party apps, Tencent will not bear any responsibility therefor.

6.2 You need to prepare the hardware device necessary for this feature and activate the Internet access service and solely bear the hardware costs and data traffic charges possibly incurred during use of this feature. Tencent will not be responsible for your failure to normally use this feature as a result of lack of appropriate hardware or failure to access the Internet.

6.3 The Rules are designed to achieve the goal of creating a safer, healthier, and higher-quality platform based on complying with national laws and regulations, maintaining public order and good customs, and protecting legal rights of other parties. Tencent aims to make a perfect judgment pursuant to existing laws, but does not ensure that its judgment will be fully consistent with that of the judicial or administrative authorities. You have understood and agreed to bear the consequences arising therefrom.

7. Appeal Mechanism

If you discover that any entity uses WeCom to engage in any act that is against the laws and regulations and the Rules, you may notify the admin of the same, and if the admin verifies that this the true, the admin may file a complaint at "Settings" >- "Feedback" in the WeCom client. Tencent will deal with the complaint as soon as possible in accordance with relevant laws and regulations upon receipt of the notice from relevant entity.

8. Local Law Compliance

You shall follow all applicable local laws and show respect to local ethics and customs during your use of the WeCom services. You shall be individually responsible for your behaviors that are in violation of the local laws and regulations or ethics and customs.

The user shall not involve Tencent in political and public events when using the Service. Otherwise Tencent reserves the right to suspend or terminate relevant service and hold you responsible.

9. Miscellaneous

9.1 Contractual Relationship and Conflicting Terms

The Rules form a supplementary agreement to Tencent Service Agreement and Tencent WeCom Software License and Service Agreement. It is an integral part to the foregoing agreement and rules and constitutes a unified whole with such agreement and rules. In case of any conflict between the Rules and the above, the Rules shall prevail.

The scope of the Rules shall also include other agreements, service declarations, business regulations, notices & guidelines, etc. relating to the Service, as may be announced by Tencent from time to time (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Specific Terms"). Once officially announced, the above content shall become an inseparable part of the Agreement and shall be observed by you accordingly.

9.2 Dynamic Documents

The Rules are dynamic. We reserve the right to modify or update the content thereof based on updates to applicable laws or as necessary for product operation, which shall also be observed by you accordingly.